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Wills, Probate & Estate Planning

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Here at finance advice centre we provide all the information you could need about anything to do with planning and creating all of the necessary documents to ensure all of your assets are protected through the creation of documents such as Wills and Estate plans.


  • Name individuals to handle all of the admin involved
  • Protection of assets
  • Residential care
  • Tax plans
  • A will is needed in order to ensure that all personal assets go to the desired people.

A will is needed in  order to ensure that all personal assets go to the desired people. Where as if a will is not compiled then a court will step in to divide up the estate to your legal defaults, for example your relatives.


This is the process of a will being reviewed in order to ensure it is authentic and still valid. This is also the ensuring the will is administered properly and if a will is not in place making sure that the estate is distributed correctly.

Estate planning

This is ensuring that all of a persons estate and assets are covered within the will. This is so if anything were to happen then all of your estate would then be covered. This ensures that no their would be no financial hindrances for family members.


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