Business Insurance

Business insurance is used in order to protect the business should anything happen to the owner, staff or the business itself.

There can be significant financial implications for the business if anything were to happen to the most important people. We aim to ensure that if you were to suffer a setback that you are adequately covered so you can continue as a business. Without this insurance, it can have a big impact on the way your business runs. It can affect profit, cash flow, inability to make repayments and problems with shareholder control. It can be vital for the protection of your company and to help it continue to run.

Every business is different so we strive to provide bespoke advice depending on each individual companies needs to give you the best service possible.

These insurance policies for the business can be life policies for the owners, shareholder protection and employer liability policies. However, businesses require certain insurances as a legal requirement in order to function.

Necessary insurances are:

  • Public liability
  • Business premises
  • Business assets
  • Employers liability

The main differences between business and personal insurances are that business insurance is usually much higher sums of money. As well as this the business gets the sum of money as opposed to the family.