Diabetes Life Cover

Diabetes life cover is a new exclusive product to the market. This is designed with diabetes in mind and works flexibly with your health and condition. To get the process started all we need to see is a copy of your HbA1c blood test results. If you don’t already have a copy you can ask your GP.

People with diabetes will normally struggle to find reasonably priced life cover. With this new specialised product, it will make it easier even with high HbA1c levels. Apart from this, it is the same as normal life insurance.

However, if your condition improves and your HbA1c blood test results reduce to the level below you will get a percentage reduction on your premiums for every year your levels continue to fall or stay lower than when your policy started. Also if your condition is continually improving then your premiums may reduce by up to 40% over numerous years. However, your premiums will never increase above your original starting price.

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