Overseas Mortgages

With an overseas mortgage, there are a few ways to make this possible.

The first way you can do this would be through remortgaging your UK property. This is done in order to buy the overseas property outright and not have to take out a second mortgage.

Another way in which you can gain an overseas mortgage would be borrowing from a UK lender. They will give offer you the mortgage in order to buy overseas. You will normally deal with the part of the bank based abroad once the mortgage is sorted.

Overseas mortgages quote

As well as this it is possible to just sort the mortgage out with a lender that is in the country you are planning on moving to. This can lead to you getting a better deal as mortgage rates tend to be lower.

When buying a property abroad it is important that you use a fully whole of market mortgage specialist. With the experience to ensure that you are getting both a professional service and access to the best mortgage deals available.

We have been arranging mortgages for many years and offer an unrivalled level of expertise for property purchases in over 50 different countries.

Exchange rate changes may increase the sterling equivalent of your debt.