Expat Mortgages

At Finance Advice Centre we pride ourselves on being the Expat Mortgage Specialists. In addition, we have expert knowledge built up over many years of experience in dealing with expatriates.

If you are a British Expat living and working abroad, or a Foreign National looking for a UK or Overseas property, finding a mortgage may appear confusing and time-consuming. You may also think that because you are an expatriate you may not be able to get a mortgage, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Here at Finance Advice Centre, we strive to simplify the process of raising finance for Expat Mortgages by providing the largest choice of available mortgage products and lenders. We ensure that they are totally familiar with lending to expatriates and foreign nationals. Also, our clients can use our services to access UK and Overseas mortgage lenders. Amounts granted range from £50k to over £5m to purchase Buy to Let, Investment Property, Main UK and Overseas Residences.

Finance Advice Centre can provide access to over 40 different banks and building societies. These lenders are all willing to accept applications from British Expatriates and Foreign Nationals looking for UK and Overseas Mortgages.

About Our Advisors

We have a long and established trading history behind us. Previously we have provided access to UK Mortgages and related services to clients in a wide variety of locations. These include the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, the Far East, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Typically, our clients are employed in many diverse sectors. These range from Construction, Oil and Gas and financial services. In addition, they typically work for either high profile organisations or well established local companies. As well as this some clients look to release equity to help fund their retirement or retirees looking to relocate.

Finance Advice Centre Expat Mortgages is a world leader in introducing Expatriate clients to well-established banks, building societies and leading financial institutions.