Life Insurance

This form of insurance is a very basic way to insure your life. It works by paying premiums in order to cover you and then in the event of you dying during the policy, the insurer pays out one lump sum for the amount you are insured.

There are different options to be covered under for example terminal illness cover. The full lump sum will then be paid out in full if you are diagnosed as being terminally ill during your policy.

This can provide an estate for you and your family if no other assets have been acquired. This is due to the finances that will be paid out from a life insurance claim.

Happy Life Insurance Customer

There are three different types of this insurance these are:

Term Life Insurance

  • This is when you are insured for a specific period of time usually between 10-20 years. During this period the premiums always stay the same. Also, this kind of insurance is normally much cheaper than the standard insurance.

Universal Life Insurance

  • This is a lifetime insurance but is flexible so you can change the amount of premium payments being made and also the amount of the sum paid out by the insurance company.
  • However universal normally has higher premium payments than a term insurance policy.

Whole Life Insurance

  • This is very similar to universal but the premium payments are fixed as well as the sum paid out.
  • Also, the premium payments are again higher than term insurance due to it being whole life coverage.