Finance Advice Centre Leicester is the newest franchise to open. Yogesh has been with the Finance Advice Centre working in the Head Office. Located in the Stoneygate area of Leicester, Yogesh and his team will be here to help you!

Yogesh Parekh

Yogesh has had over 20 years’ experience working in the finance industry. Having worked at various banking institutions like Natwest, Halifax and Alliance and Leicester, Yogesh had started learning the trade he now loves. The biggest part of that is giving great customer service and understanding their needs. Yogesh gets great satisfaction out of a happy customer and goes the extra mile to achieve a fantastic result.

Yogesh joined Everyday Loans in 2007 and worked up the ranks. Working with Everyday Loans he really understood that each customer was unique and had different needs. Client satisfaction propelled Yogesh into being a director of his own Finance Advice Centre franchise to help customers’ achieve their dreams of being homeowners. He and his team are looking forward to forging new relationships with customers and understanding their needs and hopefully bringing a smile to their faces.

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Interested in joining the Leicester franchise? We are currently looking for advisors to join. If you’re interested feel free to get in touch here.

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