Home Insurance

There are three different types of home insurance that may need to be looked at depending on your situation.

Buildings Insurance

  • This covers everything about the building itself from the structure to the fixtures within the home, such as doors.
  • Buildings insurance also covers all permanent fittings within the house such as a kitchen.
  • This will cover the cost to rebuild the property if necessary or any repairs that need to take place.
  • However, this does not cover general wear on the property. Also, it will not cover you if your house is unoccupied for more than 30 days.

Contents Insurance

  • This covers you for any theft or damage that may occur in any part of your property. The insurers will pay out for all replacement items. Insurers will also pay for your accommodation if your house becomes uninhabitable.
  • This insurance may not cover you if you have a large amount of high-value items. As a result, your payout may not cover the full cost to replace.

If you have a mortgage or own your home you can get these insurances combined. This will cover everything in one policy.  A combined policy is not suitable if you rent your home as the landlord should provide buildings insurance.