Right to Buy Mortgages

We can guide you through the mortgage maze and advise you on the most suitable mortgage deal without any unnecessary jargon. Our Advisers will help you through the mortgage application step-by-step, working out how much it will cost and how much you can afford to borrow. Also what type of mortgage may be most suitable for your circumstances and there are no complicated forms to fill out.

How It Works

The Right to Buy Mortgage Scheme has helped more than one million housing association and council tenants to buy their council own home at a discounted rate. The mortgage scheme enables local authority secure tenants with a minimum of three years tenancy to buy their current home.

It is targeted at long-standing public tenants. The right to buy discount increases in proportion to the years that rent has been paid. To qualify, the home must be your only home and also be self-contained. You also need to have a public sector landlord such as the council for the three years. However, the tenancy doesn’t have to be continuous. A joint application is also possible. Up to three family members that have lived in the property for at least one year are also eligible.

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If you think that you could be eligible for the right to buy scheme please get in touch. One of our experienced advisors will talk you through what options you have available. You can get in touch on 01332 821 340 or 0800 103 2655. Alternatively, fill out the contact form to the side of the page and we will contact you.