Professional Mortgages

Here at Finance Advice Centre, we have a comprehensive range of Professional Mortgages available for high net worth business professionals and qualified professionals.

Professional mortgages are designed to offer people with higher incomes more leniency with gaining a mortgage. This would allow you to borrow higher than the normal lenders would offer. With some providers offering up to 100% mortgages.

Professional Mortgages Quote

It can also be based on your predicted earnings. So if you have a qualification in a required field the lender will take that into account. This is because you are predicted to have a substantial increase in wages.

How We Help

We are large loan specialists. Unlike some other large loan mortgage advisers and brokers, we pride ourselves on the extra special service that we offer. In particular to our exclusive clients who apply for loans above £500,000. We also provide you with a dedicated case manager who will be assigned to your case from application to completion. This is so you can be sure that we are familiar with all of your circumstances when are dealing with lenders about your mortgage.

For more information on how we can help, contact us now if you would like Finance Advice Centre’s Professional Mortgage Service to help you with your next purchase or remortgage.