We are always looking for ways to serve our growing customer base and we are delighted to officially announce that we have opened a new office, in the up-and-coming Leicestershire town of Castle Donington.

Our new franchise, in the Millhouse Business Centre, Station Road, will allow us to  reach out to customers in a new location and enable us to expand our team.

It has been opened by advisers Lee Griffiths and Lee Chiswell, who have already taken on two more advisers since opening and will soon take on a third.

Both Lees previously worked at our headquarters in Raynesway, Derby, and decided to go into business together last year.

While they chose Castle Donington for lifestyle reasons – it is midway between their houses – its location close to East Midlands Airport and the huge SEGRO Logistics Park East Midlands Gateway, as well as a number of other large commercial and residential developments, indicate that the town is on the up.

Lee Griffiths said: “I used to live a stone’s throw away from where our office is based in Castle Donington a while ago, so I know it extremely well and can recognise its great potential.

“We have been open a little while now and we are very busy. The fear factor surrounding Brexit doesn’t appear to have affected the housing market and we’re making strong in-roads into serving the local community.

“We specialise in finding mortgages for people whose credit histories mean that they are rejected by the big-name lenders. I do enjoy working with figures and the compliance side of the business but the best part of the job is definitely being able to provide a lifeline to people who had all but given up hope of owning their own home.”

Matt Cassar, managing director of Finance Advice Group, said: “Our company has grown enormously in a relatively short time and our franchises help us to strengthen our local presence for customers who prefer to deal with us face-to-face. “Both Lees are very experienced mortgage advisers and I have no doubt that by combining their expertise and passion for the industry, our new Castle Donington office will be a complete success.”