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Buying a financial product such as a mortgage can be the biggest decision made in our lives. It is for this reason that impartial advice is critical from qualified advisors.

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If you’re thinking about getting a £150,000 mortgage you might have questions or queries you want answered before you submit your application or before you find a mortgage product or lender you are interested in. Mortgages can be detailed and overwhelming when you start getting to the finer details, but by speaking to one of our friendly and experienced advisers at Finance Advice Centre, you will get all the information and help you need to not only find the most suitable products and provider to suit your financial circumstances, but also full support and guidance in applying for your mortgage itself. Let’s look at some common questions borrowers want to know about £150,000 mortgages.

How do I provide evidence of my income for a £150,000 mortgage?

This will depend on whether you are employed or self-employed, but your lender will likely ask for evidence in the form of:

  •       Bank statements
  •       Pay slips
  •       Tax returns

When working out your affordability for a £150,000 mortgage, lenders will also look at your outgoings such as:

  •       Household bills
  •       Any debts you might have including credit cards or car finance payments
  •       Other possible outgoings for example travel costs or childcare

If the lender feels that your current circumstances will not easily allow you to repay your mortgage, your outgoings, and any maintenance and repairs that might be needed on the property, they are unlikely to approve your loan. However, if they conclude that your income is sufficient enough to cover your repayments and other outgoings it is possible to get approved for a £150,000 mortgage.

How much do I need to earn for a £150,000 mortgage?

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question because there is not necessarily a minimum income required to be accepted for a mortgage. The lender will look at a range of other factors, as well as your income, such as your credit history, and the term of the mortgage, in order to determine if you are suitable for a loan. That being said, UK lenders will often use income multiples when considering mortgage applications.

A lot of lenders use a multiple of 4.5x your yearly salary, others may use 5x, and in certain circumstances, a small number of lenders use multiples of 6x a person or household’s annual income. Higher income multiples tend to be accepted when applicants are deemed to be good borrowers, meaning they have a high credit score and a history that shows evidence of reliable, timely payments.

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What a Fantastic Service from start to finish. Great customer support from Ben Patten & Joe Frayne, superb product knowledge and exceptionally responsive to emails/calls, we can 100% recommend the Finance Advice Centre Ltd , they got us a great deal on a mortgage with suited life insurance, especially during this very difficult Covid 19 time ……

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From start to finish, Greig and Emily were very helpful with our mortgage application. The advice Greig gave us was very clear and informed. They were always available either by phone or email to answer any questions we had. The whole process was made a lot easier because of the work they did. Would thoroughly recommend

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