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Let an adviser sooth your mortgage stress!

A recent survey showed that people are wasting thousands of pounds because they have apparently developed a fear of the mortgage-buying process. This is according to Trussle. They found that nearly one in 10 people found the process so stressful as a first-time buyer. That they also do not want to ever apply for a…
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Low rates and summer resolutions makes September the month to act

This time last year, the financial world was waiting to see what the effect of the Brexit vote would have on mortgage sales. With many predicting that the uncertainty would take its toll on the housing market. As it turned out, such worries proved to be unfounded, with the market continuing to grow and mortgage…
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We got a nasty surprise from our bank – but Finance Advice Centre got us a deal

When company owners Dawn Couzens and her husband David were told by their bank that their firm’s profits would count when it came to getting the mortgage they needed, they had one thought. “We thought ‘happy days’,” said Dawn. “We’d established our company over seven years and the last two years showed that we had…
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Five ways lenders can access the Bank of Mum and Dad

It is the lender that keeps on giving. New figures for this year showed that the Bank of Mum and Dad – or BOMAD, the term used to describe financial help given to mortgage applicants by their parents – now helps finance a quarter of all UK mortgage transactions and is expected to contribute a…
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Why there is nothing to fear from “soaring” mortgage fees

There is always intense scrutiny in the media about the business of mortgages. This month there was an interesting report about how mortgage fees are unjustifiably “soaring” while the interest rate continues to stay low. According to the latest research, fixed rate mortgages are at their highest since August 2013. Also, the fees associated with…
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Protection and a helping hand in the house-buying process

Last month we welcomed a trio of new mortgage advisors to our company. They are ready to give a helping hand through your house-buying journey. With the advent of the internet, many people might question why advisors are needed at all. With a wealth of information and direct access to lenders already at our fingertips.…
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Trio start working at the double as they join the ranks at Finance Advice Centre

Jason Pulsford, Sarah Freeman and Christopher Bailey bring the number of advisers at our centre to 35. The trio now helping us to arrange mortgages for even more customers all over the country. A former manager at the Queen’s bank Coutts, a customer services expert and an adviser who once stood guard in Whitehall during…
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Worrying findings underline the need to switch your mortgage

With a recent survey finding that an estimated 1.4 million people are finding it tough to meet their mortgage repayments, our message could not be clearer – switch now! According to the findings, many UK homeowners live under a cloud of financial worries. This is with an estimated 2.6 million people believing that their mortgage…
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Five Things You May Not Realise That Lenders Take Into Account

The introduction of the Mortgage Market Review in April 2014 mean that the days of easy credit are long gone. Lenders now take a close look at your financial affairs and lifestyle before deciding whether or not to give you a mortgage. Here are FIVE common which can affect your ability to secure the deal…
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How we help our buyers by helping to give their finances a spring clean

The warmer weather means that Spring is now in full swing. This means the start of the busiest time of the year for the property market. In our industry, the Spring rush is something of a tradition, as people put their New Year resolution to move house into action and aim to complete everything by…
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